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Hale Thatcher was born on January 8 1945.
He has been a recipient of fellowships at Dorland, Ragdale, Stanford
and has been active in presenting poetry in multi-media environments using music
special light effects, in San Francisco at the Museum of Modern Art, Intersection,the Art Institute,
the Palace of the Legion of Honor and Grace Cathedral.

He also organized Native American benefit events for the purpose of improving Indian treaty rights.


              Images of Change by E.P.Dutton

              Music Crystals (poems 1962-2008) by Lulu

              Water Rocks (poems) by Le Voys Press

              Spirit Flute (poems with photographs)

              Terra (an epic poem in hand drawn calligraphy)

              Sandpaintings (poems)

In addition to books he also has created many poetry and music C.D.s, tapes and films.

"I like Hale Thatcher's poetry because it comes to the edge of the supernatural and then stays there. But it is really our own, shared world: the natural perceived with such pure wonder, through such clear senses, that it seems supernatural. And it's very beautiful writing."
Thom Gunn

"A poet of deep and penetrating talent"
Cecile Pineda

"Not only a nature poet, he is a primitive, a visionary. He is to poetry what Henri Rousseau is to painting.."
Patrick Brinton


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